Goodbye! from Camp Solong!
The intrepid group of campers from Camp Solong's 2018 session:
Éclair, Nanner, Birdie, Leaf, St. Rick, Fluffy, Elizabeth & Baloo

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Anyone over 25 years of age (no upper limit!) is invited to apply.

Please provide us via email with:
Your Name, Age, a Recent Full-Body Picture, & Clothing Sizes (for Camp Outfit - Don’t Forget Your Shoe Size!), Dietary Needs, and Occupation, along with the Following Very Important Information:

- why you want to join the camp(max. 300 words)
- what you expect to gain from camp(max. 300 words)
- a factual description of yourself(max. 350 words)
- a fictional description of yourself (max. 350 words)
- a very short paragraph about your understanding
  and/or interest in performance
- an additional photo of your choice (but not of you,
  unless that’s your choice)

send your completed application to:

Applicants are asked to check possible travel restrictions due to the pandemic before applying.

Or simply send us an email: